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Methodology Handbook and Implementation Plan

A Methodology Handbook and Implementation plan aimed at decision makers and adult educators working with cultural entrepreneurship in communities. It is composed of four parts.
Part 1: Didactical notes for Adult Educators
Part 2: How to Engage Cultural Mediators
Part 3: Managing my Neighbourhood
Part 4: Implementation Strategy for Municipalities and decision makers
Available in English, Greek, Portuguese, Swedish and Turkish.

Culture Continuous Professional Development course (CPD) for Adult Educators

A Continuous Professional Development (CPD) course curriculum for adult educators with a Learning Outcome Matrix of relevant learning outcomes, skills, competences and knowledge to be acquired. The emphasis of the course is to ensure that adult educators acquire the necessary know-how to:

  • develop informal and formal methods to support young adults and address their specific needs as cultural entrepreneurs and take into account the characteristic features observed among creators;
  • adapt training in (social) entrepreneurship to specificities of cultural and creative projects;
  • support young adults to use the ACE toolkits and training material in learning environments as cultural entrepreneurs;
  • understand the basics of cultural entrepreneurship and be comfortable working with the new resources and environments;
  • how to deliver the content of the toolkits.

Online Toolkits

Two sets of online toolkits aimed at front-line workers and Cultural Mediators respectively.
Part 1: Online toolkit of training material aimed at front-line workers – librarians, archivists, museum, artists and heritage. The material contains both formal and non-formal methodologies on helping facilitate Cultural Mediators (volunteer members) to engage with the community.
Part 2: Online toolkit of training material aimed at Cultural Mediators, members of the community working as volunteers or on a paid basis. The material contains both informal and non-formal methodologies and cover areas chosen to help them facilitate a dialogue between the professional and the community. This online material consisting of tips and ideas, things to do and see, videos, links to interesting websites etc, aims to give to the uninitiated ”beginner” the introduction and background and pre-knowledge needed to begin to participate in a dialogue on cultural inclusion.

Community Curation Platform and Tools Guides

The ACE Culture Community Curation Platform is a place for sharing rich media artefacts and stories created and curated by members of the local community (Cultural Mediators). The aim is to give them a space, and the tools and skills necessary, to engage with and share the stories of their community. The platform is a multilingual Open Education Resource to be used across Europe. It contains an ever-expanding collection of user-generated images, videos, audio, collaborative maps, comparative photos of then and now, timelines and 3D objects. Each artefact/story in the archive can be catalogued with tags, and descriptive texts added. Artefacts are easily searchable and have a QR code which can be printed and placed in physical locations related to that artefact/story. This enables members of the community to easily interact with the media artefacts and stories of the community whilst out and about. Media artefacts can even be grouped into an augmented tour, with community members travelling in the physical world and using the QR codes to consume the online stories for each place. QR codes also enable the content to be 'taken away' by scanning on a mobile device when viewing the platform on a computer, perhaps in a community centre or local heritage site.